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Hoverboards have come a long way; once a fictional good portrayed in popular video games and used by your favorite cartoon characters to explore all across their town is now a real-life thing. Hoverboard or HoverKarts, the essence of the two products is based on the same principles. The functionalities may differ, but the story and the coolness associated with them are connected. The hoverboard has initially been mentioned in fiction novels, and the word was penned down in 1967 by MK Joseph in a science fiction novel; and since then, technology experts have worked day and night to make this an actuality.

The popularity of Hoverboards typically peaked after 2010, when then the rumors around the product faded that they might be a dangerous thing to possess, and the users were at risk of accidents. The planned rumors were ultimately proven false, and now we see advancements and newer products now and then. Kids and teenagers loved hoverboards, but for increased functionality, more stability, and to cater to a broader audience, the concept of Hoverkarts was introduced, and the HoverBoard user community very well received it.

Why do you need a hoverkart , and what are the benefits associated?

Hoverkartsare loved by everyone in the family and not only the youngsters of the house. Hoverkarts are an excellent alternative for people who want to skip the balancing part of the hoverboards. So if you own a hoverboard and love riding it on two feet around your neighborhood you will enjoy a laid back ride using a hoverboard too.

You have to attach a hoverkart with it for that purpose. Hoverkarts are designed for all hoverboards of every size available in the market ranging from 6.5 inches to 10 inches, and are available in bundles and sold separately too. Hoverkarts allow advanced drifting and extended overall performance. They are easy to fit and can be easily customized. Hoverkarts can open a whole new world of fun and excitement for all of you.

The benefits of owning one are immense including more speed and stability to your daily rides. Continue reading the next few bullets for some classic fun facts about hover karts and an insight into why you need to have a hoverkart at home.

Hoverkarts Are Inexpensive:

The rising transportation ticket charges for short routes, the increasing fuel prices, and the hefty licensing fee associated with cars and motorcycles, let alone their original prices, have made traveling quite expensive. Not everyone can afford these luxuries, and an affordable alternative was inevitable. With technological advancements and self-balancing vehicles becoming more stable and secure that works on electric rechargeable batteries have introduced a budget-friendly alternative in the form of hoverkarts and hoverboards.

Hoverboards combined with a suitable size hoverkart is an extraordinary transportation form these days, be it going for some groceries or a quick ride to your college library. They do not require separate savings and a large budget to buy it and can be arranged within a restricted budget. In a nutshell, it’s the least expensive, fully functional chic item to own and very valuable too.

HoverKarts are safe for kids:

No one can stop kids from being adventurous, and it’s quite difficult to keep them restricted from using their dad’s hoverboard as it looks like an exciting and enjoyable thing to ride. You seriously cannot say no to a kid more than a few times a day. Hoverkarts are there to rescue you in such situations. Hoverkarts are excellent extensions to these automatic boards to ensure your kid’s safety all the time.

Younger kids usually lack the coordination to ride a hoverboard, so buy a hoverkart and attach it to the board. The kids are able to go for a lively ride instantly Usually, hoverkarts arrive with an age restriction of three years. Kids younger than this age are prohibited from using them, and adult supervision is recommended. Overall, Hoverkarts are proven safe for kids and youngsters.

●    Hoverkarts offer flexibility:

Hoverboarding without a kart can be a different kind of fun, but sometimes you aren’t in a mood to ride it with care and want to enjoy your neighborhood swamp by sitting in a kart. You can always extend your hoverboard by attaching a hoverkart according to your needs, and they are able to provide flexible transport when combined. If you are in the process of learning hoverboarding and consider yourself a beginner, do not hesitate to ride it with a hoverkart until you overcome your fears. Your mobility isn’t compromised at all, even if you are a timid rider. Hoverkarts do not discriminate. They are for everyone.

●    Hoverkarts require low maintenance:

When owning a hoverkart, you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance cost. Hoverboarding doesn’t come with gas emissions, so gas eruptions checking isn’t a requirement. More limited moving parts are used in the boards except for the wheels, so the wear and tear is inconsiderable. The construction is stable and durable, so maintenance would not be required very soon. Hoverkarts are perfect for riders who desire more comfortable, safe rides, which do not cost a hundred bucks every month for maintenance. Most hoverboard and karts manufacturers offer 24/7 affordable or sometimes free support too. The trouble would be much less if you buy a bundle offer from the market. The warranty will cover your products together for a year.

●    Hoverkarts are for everyone:

Do you think hoverboarding is only for kids and adults are too big for it? You are mistaken here. The notion that hoverboarding is only for youngsters and teens or adults cant use it is complete junk. Why do elders have to abstain from having a fun ride? They don’t have to. A hoverboard is a vital investment of a family, and by attaching a hoverkart to it, everyone in the house can enjoy it. Believe me; you’ll totally get addicted to the comfortability of it and never want to stop riding it.

●    Hoverkarts are eco-friendly:

Hoverboards infused with hoverkarts are no less than a scooter, but they don’t use any fuels to work. Instead, they work on rechargeable batteries that are very friendly for the environment. The world is running out of fossil fuels, and alternative energy options are generally becoming popular. Hoverboarding doesn’t require any such fuels and totally avoids the hazards that it brings. Here I am talking about the poisonous gas vehicle release that consumes fuels as a source of energy. You are having fun and saving the environment, what an extraordinary combination and a great reason to get yourself a hoverkart today

●    Hoverkarts are convenient:

Are you scared of driving lessons? And trying to avoid the hefty costs of it? Everyone wishes to have a vehicle they could use with their own convenience without worrying about public transport schedules. Cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles require special training to ride and not to forget about the expensive licenses you must acquire before you are fit to ride them. You can ride a Hoverboard with a hoverkart absolutely after taking them out of the packaging. You can conveniently use it for a quick ride to your friend’s house, use it for a daily commute to your University, and leisure purposes too. It’s designed for flexible performance and is suitable for people of all ages.

●    Hoverkarts can help you with delivery Jobs:

Before starting a delivery job, you need to have a vehicle. Most delivery riders use bicycles because of the affordability, but it is tiring to ride a bicycle for prolonged hours. You can invest in a hoverkart and a hoverboard to make the job more manageable. You can get more deliveries done in significantly less time, and you’ll not be tired at all. Your functionality increases, delivery time decreases, and you’ll deliver in outlying areas in less time. Customers will be more satisfied, and you might get excellent tips.

●    Hoverkarts are compact :

Not everyone has access to a garage or an ample parking space. People living in apartments are mostly worried about parking spaces and the costs associated with it. In this case, Hoverkart is a great option to move around your residence. They are compact and can easily fit in a small space and help you in saving a lot of effort and money that you might have to pay if you own a licensed vehicle.

●    Hoverkarts are fun:

What’s that amazing thing that you cant do with a hoverboard alone? Tricks like popping a wheelie and racing competitions are only possible when you attach a hoverboard with a hoverkart. What else is more motivating for having a hoverkart than entertainment? Get yourself one as soon as possible.


The benefits of keeping a hoverkart are quite convincing, and there are tons of options available in the market. The vibrant colors, the sturdy materials, various sizes, and all different kinds of features are available in the hoverkarts. Hoverkarts are available individually as well as in bundles offered on websites. The choices are great, and if you are in the UK, you can check some incredible bundles at attractive prices on our online hoverboard store.

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Hoverboards are in the market for years now and became a massive hit in the mid of the last decade. Since then, we are being told about the pros and cons of this merchandise. Hoverboards are, no doubt, a rollercoaster of pleasure and are immensely popular with the kids and teenagers. Commuting will be a lot more comfortable and fun if you have a hoverboard at home.

Hoverboards are manufactured using a principle of a self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle. These balance boards are more like a cross between a  skateboard and a segway, and a hoverboard segway has a lot in common minus the handles. Technological advancements, the use of high-end accelerometers, gyro meters, and robust parts have made them quite handy and easy to use, but there must be a lot of questions in your mind if you are new to the hoverboarding activity.

Are hoverboards safe? How do they function? They don’t look very safe? What are the precautions?

If you are looking for the answers to all these questions, you have reached the right place. We are going to discuss them concisely further in the article.


How does a hoverboard function?

When you think of a hoverboard, either you think of the famous game “Subway Surfer” where the character is wandering all around the railway tracks on a hoverboard skateboard look-alike, or you have an image of an old fashioned manual skateboard in mind. These self-balancing scooters are way more fun to ride than a regular skateboard but obviously they cannot help you levitate like those fictional characters.

The mechanisms and general hoverboard theory are quite simple. If you want the hoverboard to move in forward direction after stepping on the board, lean forward, and for braking and reversing the board, leaning back is required. You will always be facing forward, and to move the board after mounting it, you will notice two footpads that are sensitive to applied pressure. They will help you control the speed, and by using the movements of your body and feet, you will be able to move the hoverboard in multiple directions as required.

All of this might sound tricky theoretically and could be a little difficult when you are a beginner. The hoverboard starts moving as soon as you step on it, so you will have to be careful always while mounting and getting off the board. These two moments are the trickiest. A little practice and patience will help you ride it safely, in a fun way in a few days only.

What is a safe hoverboard?

Let’s address the elephant in the room now and talk about the safety of the hoverboards. Like any other vehicle, let alone a self-balancing one, there is always a chance of some unfortunate events, sometimes due to human error even with the best hoverboard, sometimes due to low-quality manufacturing materials and not adhering to the safety standards.

A global authority certifies a real hoverboard before launching it into the market, and you should always opt for brands with a good reputation in the market. Research and try to spot the bogus ones and never invest in them. The hoverboard at target here are the ones that may look fancy but lack in the quality section. Every hoverboard enthusiast must have read that news about a NewYork man filing a lawsuit after his hoverboard exploded while charging. Soon after, when hoverboards became popular, many companies started producing them with Low-quality materials and not getting them checked before throwing them in the market. Many of these low-quality hoverboard deals were equipped with cheap lithium batteries, and some battery explosion incidents were reported by the board owners, which led to an immediate ban on the sale of these hoverboards.

The Walmart hoverboard section was empty, Amazon was not listing any hoverboard related products, and the overall hoverboard reviews became negative. A new set of rules and legislation was introduced after these reported incidents. According to it, all hoverboards must undergo electrical and fire safety testing before selling them. After this UL 2272 certification, the hoverboard enthusiast’s trust was restored, and the product was deemed much safer than before for leisure and mobility purposes. Before investing in a hoverboard, you must look for specific features and qualities to make sure you are making a safe hoverboard choice.

What to look for in a reliable hoverboard?

●     Look for a UL Certification:

Always look for this certification before buying a hover. A real hoverboard that is safe to ride must have this certification, which means that all safety rules were followed when producing this specific product. Never ever buy a hoverboard without this, even if the hoverboard price is low compared to the other options available.

●    Choose the right brand:

Most people think that every product they see in the hoverboard Walmart section is the same if they have the same feature. Some people might get carried away by the hoverboard Bluetooth option or a very shiny hoverboard seat. Our advice would be to avoid all these distractions and go for reputable brands other than jeopardizing your safety. These superior brands usually include the best features, and they ensure that safety is their top priority.

●    Check the Reviews:

We can always make an informed decision about a product if we try to make a little effort before purchasing it. Thanks to online shopping and the reviews sections of these platforms where people tell us about their experiences about a particular product. Paid reviews are also a thing now, but you have to scan through the comments to find the real reviews. The sugarcoated reviews are frequently fake, dig more into the review section, and you’ll quickly get an idea that the product is worth considering or not. Check for the hoverboard skateboard price, reviews, battery status, protection, and safety procedures. Evaluate every detailed information on different platforms before buying a product. You will be very stress-free that you have made the right decision, and all this effort will be worth it.

●    Choose appropriate size and attachments:

Before buying a hoverboard electric skateboard, always look for choices according to your needs. Hoverboards are available in a variety of configurations and sizes with different weight limitations. If you consider yourself a beginner and your riding skills are only satisfactory, a hoverkart will be an appropriate choice for you in the early days. You can easily use your new hover skateboard for commuting by attaching a hoverkart to it. There are some great options available in the market, especially the hoverkart Argos store. Do have a look sometime. If you plan to buy it for your younger children, find an option with a hoverboard seat straps to ensure your child’s safety during the ride.

What are the most trusted brands in the market?

Hoverboards have become immensely popular in the last decade, and there are tons of brands introducing new products now, and then.With all these options available, it is inherent to get confused. We will guide you about some of the most trusted brands in the hoverboard industry.

Swagtron is a leading manufacturer in the business and is very famous for its designs and safety. Swagtron hoverboard battery is considered the safest and of the best quality. You will never have to worry about a defective battery explosion. Their products are certified, affordable, and totally safe to use.

Talking about affordable hoverboard brands, it would be unfair not to mention the fantastic razor hoverboard price and the wide variety of products they offer in every range. If you are in the UK, you can explore the  Razor hoverboard UK sales, which are very popular with the hoverboard users, and they always look forward to them. The products are excellent itself, and the razor hoverboard accessories are not less than any of their products. The batteries are safe, totally packed, and the razor hoverboard charger included with the package is of top-notch quality.

Lexus hoverboard and Omni Hoverboard are also some great options and worth considering when choosing a hoverboard brand.

If you are in the UK and looking for some great options, you can visit our online store. Our excellent wide range of hoverboard with hoverkart bundles, accessories, e-scooters and hoverboard kart will amaze you. Our products are reliable, safe, and we provide a friendly post-sale customer service. Our products are covered with a full 12 month warranty period, and you can always experience free delivery services in the UK mainland for every purchase of 40 pounds or more. The perks are great if you are shopping from us. Grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

Some Safety Precautions For A Safe Hoverboard Ride:

Riding a hoverboard is not always a danger, and if you overthink it, you will never be able to enjoy this fantastic product. We have listed down some essential safety precautions. Follow them and enjoy a carefree fun ride on your hoverboard.

  • Practice Practice and Practice. It will make you ready to ride your hoverboard anywhere. Learn about posture, stepping on and off the board. Get familiar with the device’s functions and then hit the roads.
  • Some cities have banned hoverboard riding on paved roads for the safety of the pedestrians. Always know the place where you are going to ride your hoverboard. Become a pro, and then you are ready to experiment in new places too.
  • Charge your hoverboards in the day time, never charge them overnight to be extra safe. Always put your boards on charge in an open dry area and  keep a fire extinguisher at home. These are the points that professionals recommend. Better safe than sorry.
  • Use proper safety gear. Please spend a few more bucks and get yourself a helmet, knee and elbow pads and never be ashamed of wearing them. Believe me, you’ll be more relaxed with them.
  • Younger kids should always be supervised by an adult when they are using hoverboards.
  • Do not try to perform tricks you see on the television or youtube. Most of these tricks are done by professionals with years of riding experience. Don’t try these at home to keep your safety intact.
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Everyone in the family loves hoverboards. Kids love it; teenagers are always excited to get one and even adults too. This fact has made this self-balancing two-wheeled board a popular choice and trend nowadays. Whether you are looking for a gift for your child’s next birthday or a cool option for your teenager’s Christmas present, hoverboards can make everyone happy. This device is a perfect combination of advanced technology and outdoor activity. Kids these days are mostly involved in video games or watching youtube videos all day long. Hoverboards are a great alternative to get them involved in some physical activity in an outdoor space and make sure that your child spends some time off the screen, which is vital for your child’s mental growth and physical well-being.

Hoverboards are recreational for kids and adults both, and with all these advantages, they are still sometimes criticized for not being safe enough for children. We highly doubt that, and those days are long gone when we used to hear about hoverboard batteries catching fire and manufacturers not following safety procedures. Now every legit hoverboard company is abiding by the new rules and legislation for its users’ safety. We all know that kids love these boards, and hoverboard companies are well aware of this fact. Over the last decade, the popularity of hoverboards has helped the industry grow bigger and better every day.

The market was estimated at around 2.8 billion dollars way back in 2017. Since then, the growth is ever-increasing, and we still do not have the figures for 2020, which will surely be massive.

Despite all these facts, parents and elders are still worried that if hoverboards are the right choice for their children’s leisure or commute? Keeping in mind all these concerns, hoverboard manufacturing companies have designed many products, especially for kids and youngsters.

They have infused modern, stylish looks and safety features in these models, attractive enough for kids and safe enough for their parents to remain stress-free. There are thousands of manufacturers and hoverboard choices all over the world. It is quite challenging to choose which options are exciting and safe to use. This blog can guide you about some qualities and features to look for in a hoverboard to overcome your safety concerns and put a big smile on your Kid’s face.

Finding an Appropriate hoverboard for your Kid:


Hoverboards are enjoyed by millions all over the world. Let’s discuss some of the features that make the hoverboard suitable for your child. This article will make it easier for you to find the right one.

●    Size of the Hoverboard:

Are you looking to buy a perfect sized hoverboard for your kids according to their age? You are in the right spot.

The hoverboard comes in various sizes so that no one feels left out from enjoying this fun gadget. A correct choice can be made according to your child’s age and weight. Hoverboards are classified into different sizes based on the size of their wheels measured in inches. The three main types are listed below

6.5 inch Hoverboards:

A big hoverboard is hard to carry, and if your child is about eight years old or younger, a 6.5-inch hoverboard is suitable for them.  A bigger hoverboard will create problems in handling and mounting, so always choose a size according to your child’s age. The weight limit is generally up to 200 lbs. The average charging time for a 6.5-inch hoverboard is 2 hours, and it can last up to 20 km, which is more than enough for a young child. The 6.5-inch series is available in bright, eye-catching graffiti hoverboard designs and gorgeous prints just like kids like them.

8.5 inch Hoverboards:

Teenagers and older kids appreciate a hoverboard ride to its peak. Kids older than eight years have sufficient riding experience and expertise to use the gadget anywhere and swiftly carry a large hoverboard. So an 8.5-inch all-terrain hoverboard is the best choice for them. The minimum carrying weight for this series is 20 kgs. This hoverboard type has a broader base and is very suitable for older kids and teenagers. The maximum load capacity is around 100kgs. The charge limitations and complete distance coverage are the same as the 6.5-inch hoverboard series. The board itself usually weighs only 12 kgs approximately.

9/10 inch Hoverboards:

If you’re an adult or a teenager older than 13 years, you should always go for a hoverboard model suitable for adults. A 9 inch or 10-inch hoverboard would be an appropriate choice because it’s more sturdy. The base is more comprehensive, and the wheels are more robust. These boards are available in more definite designs, keeping in mind the user’s growing age and the kids’ developing choices. Kids of this age usually prefer subtle and not so bright designs; however, one can always find a pattern they like choosing from the wide variety of alternatives available.

●    Safety of the Hoverboard:

What is more important than the safety of your child? A right hoverboard for your child would be manufactured with great precision and checked by all the concerned authorities before launching them into the market. After choosing the right size according to your child’s physical parameters and age, the next thing, you must check before investing in a hoverboard if that specific product has a UL 2272 certification. Avoid buying the board if it’s not mentioned or mentioned in a suspicious way, which looks fake. It ensures that the risk of battery explosion and the hoverboard catching fire is significantly reduced. Your hoverboard must have this. Not only it make sure your hoverboard used the proper materials, but it also assures your safety

●    Structure of the board

It’s always most helpful to comprehend everything about the product you are buying, and price should not only be the deciding factor. To make the right decision, it’s a good practice to know what your hoverboard has got within. The hoverboard is made from a fusion of electrical and mechanical parts. We have listed some tips about what to look for in the structure of the hoverboard. Read below.

  • The frame of the board should be strong and well manufactured to support the weight of the rider.
  • The wheels should provide good maneuverability and a smooth ride. Kids hoverboard is equipped with plastic tires,  expected to perform most excellent on hard surfaces. The plus point is they won’t get punctured, but they are prone to wear and tear. More grownup kids can opt for rubber tires. They are best for an off road riding experience. They are durable and work best on every surface.
  • The control board should be fast and advanced. The control unit’s goal is to detect the movement of the rider body and release appropriate signals to maintain the balance of the board.
  • The motors should be powerful enough to reach the maximum speed, as promised by the manufacturer. The riding experience should be enjoyable and not dull due to low quality motors.
  • Batteries should be safe, adequately packed, and should charge quickly, as stated. The capacity of the battery should be more powerful to ensure a long smooth, pleasant ride.

●    Speed of the Hoverboard:

Before buying a hoverboard, speed is also a deciding factor. However, it may not be vital in the beginning days because your kids are in the learning phase, but as they get familiar with the device, the kids can go a little extra in the speed section. Most of the boards suitable for kids have a speed limit of 9 miles per hour. Some hoverboards also allow the parents to control the hoverboard’s speed with the help of a mobile application.

●    Fun Features of the HoverBoard:

Nobody wants a boring, bland hoverboard. The right hoverboard for your child is the one which also has fashionable fun features. Most of the kid’s hoverboard has color changing LED lights to give it a unique look. Nowadays, hoverboards are equipped with bluetooth speakers, so you can easily connect it with your cell phone and enjoy your favorite music and the ride simultaneously.

Some potential dangers and the precautions you should take:

When you are riding a vehicle, there is always a chance that something terrible could happen. The damages can be reduced if you know about the dangers and take precautionary measures:

  • You can fall from the hoverboard due to human error or if you are not attentive. Always be careful, present minded, and never forget to wear your safety gear.
  • The battery explosion incidents are sporadic now, near to impossible. To stay safe, never overcharge your hoverboard battery. Unplug the charger when it’s fully charged. It is advisable not to charge your gadgets overnight.
  • To avoid any accidents and damages, wear safety gear.
  •  Never step on a hoverboard, which is not suitable for your weight. Know the limitations and always ride a hoverboard which is according to your age, height, and weight

Summing Up:

Hoverboards are an ideal gift, and every youngster wishes to have one. They are fun, cool, and efficient. These environment-friendly devices are quite affordable but finding the right one is essential. A top hoverboard is one which has maximum features, a safety license, and is affordable. We at the hoverboard store in the UK have everything you want, and our collection of hoverboards, 6.5-inch series, 8.5 inches all-terrain hummer series, and bundles is very broad and assorted. Buy your next hoverboard from our store and enjoy the best customer service, warranty policies,  and much more

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Hoverboards have been very popular for the past few years. The unique thing about them is that people of all ages are using them. If you are a child or a teenager, then you probably want one. If you are a grown-up then maybe you are planning to buy it for your kids, or for yourself!

Whenever festive seasons or holidays arrive, the sales charts of hoverboards go high up. People love to gift these mini scooters to their loved ones and relatives. It is indeed the best gift to give to a relative or close one.

Once you have gotten a hoverboard, it is very important to note that hoverboards can be dangerous as well. But they are only a danger if you do not know how to use them. 

You do not need to worry because we have got your back on this like always!

Let us have a look at the top 10 tips with hoverboards:

  • Premium Quality

No doubt, we agree with you on this that it is hard to choose a good quality hoverboard. There are many reasons behind that. The major reason behind this is that many people still are confused about whether these hoverboards are kid’s toys or commute system. This confusion makes further confusion and thus it is hard to gather about the standard and quality of hoverboards or segways.

It has not been that many years ever since hoverboards came into the market. Due to their novelty in their industry, it is hard to judge and maintain a particular standard about this product. 

This is why it is important to buy a hoverboard from the most trusted company. 

Our hoverboards are developed while keeping in mind all the international safety and manufacturing standards!

Because we want nothing but the best for our consumers!

  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard

Most of the people make this mistake. They think that hoverboards are very powerful machines and that is why they need to be charged for a long period of time. People assume that we can plug the charger in and go to sleep and go on about our day. Then they forget about their hoverboards. This is not safe at all! 

Mostly, hoverboards take only three hours to fully charge their battery.

Many incidents have been reported where hoverboards batteries exploded or caught on fire due to leaving and overcharging. 

So please be safe and charge your hoverboard for only three hours!

  • Do not use it roughly

Hoverboards are very sturdy. It is in fact true. Minor bumping here and there or a rock will not do anything to your segway. But do not use it too roughly and be cautious. It could break if you use it poorly or coarsely.

  • Know the law:

Always do research about the area you live in beforehand. Before you purchase a hoverboard, you should know that riding segway is illegal in some countries and university premises. So do know the law of your area!

  • Wear a helmet

It is not a cycle, we know that. But it is still a moving vehicle, Anything can happen while you are riding it. So please be safe and wear a helmet and protection. 

  • Difference between segway and hoverboard

Many people think that a hoverboard is just an electronic version of a skateboard. This is not true. Do not ever try to do tricks like you do on a skateboard on railings and stairs etc. You will end up hurting yourself!

  • Balance it correctly

Always check that your hoverboard is balanced perfectly. You can do this easily by placing your hand on the footpad of the hoverboard. If the wheels move then it means that you are good to go. If the wheels start to shake then it means that there is a red signal.

  • Use it inside the home

You should start learning riding hoverboard inside of your home first.

  • Be prominent

Do not wear white clothes when riding outside because people will not be able to see you. Wear reds or other dark colors so car drivers can spot you properly.

  • Slow down

Always remember that slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush and start learning and riding slowly.

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hoverboard for sale

The time when hoverboards started getting very popular was around 2009. The craze for segway has not stopped since that time. It has just grown more and more. The people who love tech things and are very tech-savvy adore these mini-boards.


Not only they look cool but also provide you with facilities and luxury. It is a very useful gadget for both, adults and kids. It is not just a kid’s toy anymore, like most people assume. The first thing you should focus on is getting the appropriate hoverboard for your needs. This is where things get easier for you because we have a complete rand of hoverboards and segway for you to choose from! You can get the best that fits the best with your personality and needs. 

The best part about all of this is that hoverboard is a personal mini-gadget for everyone. So everyone can easily choose the design, style, or color they want. But some people do not care much about the outer looks and are more tech-savvy. So for those who are concerned about the internal specs of hoverboards, you are at the right place!

Now that you have chosen the right hoverboard for you, you need to learn how to use it! That is the most important part. Riding a hoverboard is no rocket science but it can be tricky for some. 

We have got your back on this one too!

Check out the crucial ten steps to learn how to ride a hoverboard in just 10 minutes!

  • Get mentally prepared

The first thing you need to do is relax! Yep. If you really want to learn how to ride a hoverboard, then you need to put your mind to it. Everything is possible if you have a strong belief that you can achieve it. If you keep thinking that I can not do it, then you will keep failing and you will not be able to learn how to ride a hoverboard. That is the reason why you need to prepare your brain first. Then you should give it a go for the first time. 

You need to think and concentrate on the fact that you are standing on the hoverboard. This way it will be easier for you to not lose control and balance yourself easily on top of the hoverboard.

  • Instruction Manual

Most of the people do not like to read the journals that a product comes with. But we advise you to do some reading. It will get you started and prepared that you are now actually going to try out your very own personal mini-commute system.

  • Full Charging

Before you go for your first ride, do not forget to charge your  hoverboard. Make sure that the charging is full. Because there is nothing more disturbing than being so excited to try out your favorite new scooter and then being disappointed because it is not charged. So to avoid this issue, make some preparations beforehand.

  • Start Button

Press the start button on the bottom side. In many segways the start button is attached to a flap at the bottom.

  • Safety

When you are about to ride on a segway for the first time, it is a smart way to keep something near you. Like a chair or something. So if you fall down or lose your control, then you will have something to grab and balance yourself again. Always remember that safety should be your first priority.

  • First foot

Now, all you need to do is to put your first and dominant foot in the hoverboard surface. You do not need to panic at all. Your dominant foot should be away from the center of the hoverboard.

  • Second foot

Now you have to put your other foot on the hoverboard and immediately maintain balance. By doing this you will not fall.

  • Be patient!

Always remember that being patient is the key to learn a new skill.

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